This close-up video of frog eggs becoming tadpoles reminds us that life is a little bit gross, but mostly just engrossing.

Nipam H. Patel is a biology professor at UC Berkley, and his Vimeo page is full of mesmerizing biology videos. Like, for example, the frog eggs turning into tadpoles you see above. And the videos aren't just gorgeous, they're also informative. For example, I never knew that the egg-to-tadpole process included a step where the pre-tadpole becomes a very satisfied mouth (23 seconds in).

Patel also has this video of a leech embryo, which for coloring reasons I am calling "rave leech." I recommend you play some EDM underneath as you watch it spin:

There's another video of Patel's I love as well, this one of skate embryos. This one is just a straight-up video recording, not a time lapse or spinning neon-colored party-time embryo, but it is notable for two reasons:

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