The #MemeYourLastRelationship hashtag is so relatable it hurts

The #MemeYourLastRelationship hashtag is so relatable it hurts

The best memes transcend race, class and gender and pierce the core of human emotion. Memes cross the boundaries of space and time and bring strangers together through the beauty of hashtags and outer space (THE INTERNET IS SPACE). Also, they're funny?! Even if I'm getting a little too excited about memes (this is the photoshopped hill I will die on), I'd be hard-pressed to find a person with internet access in 2017 whose hasn't doubled over in joy at the perfectly captioned photo of a dog doing a kick-flip.

To this point, the currently trending #MemeYourLastRelationship Twitter hashtag is a goldmine of relatable content. Whether you still gaze out bay windows wistfully reminiscing on your ex, or you're a fire pit full of bad blood towards the b*stard, there are lots of captioned GIFs in the sea.

Some of the memes expressed the pure joy experienced after the end of a bad relationship.

While others touched on the precious poetic nature of love.

It's hard being the only ones who get it.

There was that feel of petty revenge when you watch an ex dig their own pit.


Leonardo Dicaprio did some serious cameo work on this hashtag.

When South Park hits too close to home.

The mind games that unfortunately pervade some relationships.


The sweet memory of nothing.

And of course, moving on to the next emotional torture partner.

TFW they do you dirty.


TFW you're the only one for you.

When sex is an elusive concept.

When your friends tried to warn you.


TFW you're trying to settle down.

Sometimes 20/20 hindsight isn't too pretty.

TFW you can't get a word in edgewise.


Sometimes the past is just one big blushing shrug.

When you realize you were actually dating a guitar.

It's important to be on the same emotional maturity level.


Otherwise, they might still be leaning on their mom too much.

Or they'll sling some inconsistent logic your way.

Some Twitter users couldn't limit the meme to one relationship trait.


Which works out, because it brought us more memes.

If you feel the urge to create in your heart, it's not too late to add your own meme to the mix.