Imagine this.

You text someone with that all-too-common, super romantic request: SEND NUDES.

You wait patiently until a couple minutes later, your phone buzzes, and you're treated to this super hot, x-rated, totally explicit pic:

Oh. Wait. That's a naked mole rat.



The bait-and-switch is part of a new campaign from the Canadian Center for Child Protection that is encouraging teens to send pictures of naked mole rats instead of nudes. They're even providing a selection of explicit-looking naked mole rat photos and GIFs to make the process easy. And honestly, these might be even better than real nude pics:


The idea of sending pictures of naked mole rats to strangers isn't just for LOLz. The campaign is called "Don't Get Sextorted," and the aim is to prevent young people from being bribed or blackmailed when their explicit photos get in the hands of the wrong people.


Who knows how widely the naked mole rat trend will catch on, but it's definitely a creative solution for a complicated and increasingly common problem.

Plus, if you squint, you can barely tell the difference.

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