This revelation about music students today will make you feel old AF.

This revelation about music students today will make you feel old AF.

It feels redundant to type the words "language is evolving" on a keyboard full of symbols that didn't exist hundreds of years ago. Even so, the point still stands. Anyone who spends a modicum amount of time on the internet will find themselves collecting new turns of phrase, slang words and symbolism (hellooo emojis) that are quickly integrated into every day language. And yet, there are moments when the rapid speed of progress hits us in the face like a pile of inexplicable bricks. Why are those bricks flying around our face anyways?!

This feeling was perfectly exemplified when a woman tweeted about her sister's music students and the ways they read sheet music in 2017.

"My sister teaches cello. She reports that her new students call sharps "hashtags." Concerto in F hashtag," wrote Twitter user Marian Call.

Honestly, Concerto in F hashtag sounds like it'd slide onto a dance playlist nicely.

Right between Janet Jackson's "All For You" and Lil Yachty's "Broccoli."

One woman wonders how those children handle pound symbols on the phone.

Maybe phone operators should start saying "press hashtag blessed" when we're waiting to pay a Con Ed bill over the phone.


One music teacher chimed in to brag about her students.

Apparently violinists read sheet music better, or they're just less active on Twitter and Instagram.

Another piano teacher said her students also call sharps hashtags.

It makes sense. Hashtags are EVERYWHERE bringing us topical conversations and images of expensive food. Sharps are only referred to in the small(er) world of sheet music.


One woman cleverly used slang to express her excitement for the evolution of language.

If the History Channel isn't already working on a documentary about the linguistics of emojis and internet slang, than its missing a huge opportunity.

As of this thread, the public is ready and waiting for Concerto in F Hashtag.


It's going to be a banger.

Still, others aren't ready to feel this old.

I have a feeling music teachers everywhere saw this coming since the birth of Instagram.