Anyone who spends much time online is sadly aware of how cruel and annoying Internet trolls can be. For every expression of confidence posted by a young woman, there lurks a troll in the darkness, waiting to pounce. Luckily, there are also plenty of kind people on the internet who don't waste their energy sh*tting on strangers. To this point, a recent Buzzfeed report detailed how a troll called a teen girl a potato on Instagram. Rather than sit and let her take the insult, other internet users sent her well-deserved compliments while dissing the troll.

The teen girl in this story is 19-year-old Justice Jefferson, who posted four cute selfies that rapidly went viral.


One guy then tagged Jefferson on Instagram in a photo with the caption, "Damn @JusticeTierney you thicc but you built like a potato."

Trolls truly are not only garbage-eating bottom-feeders, but they're also bad at burns. A potato? Dare I say, potatoes are cute and also completely benign as an insult.


Jefferson took the comment in stride, instead choosing to laugh at the absurdity of this troll.

He really spent an embarrassing amount of time hating via Photoshop.

Jefferson's followers kept coming at the troll until he eventually set his account to private.

Don't dish out potatoes if you can't eat them yourself (idk, it worked in my head).


The people of the internet let Jefferson know that not only does she NOT look like a potato, but she's killing it all around.

We can only assume the potato-troll was repressing his true feelings of attraction.

Or some repressed feelings of neglect from his father, whichever one.


One follower created a positive spin of the potato comment.

Also, someone photo-shopped her into a Milky Way.

No one on the thread could tell precisely what this was Photoshop job was going for? A creepy compliment, for sure, but it raises so many questions.


Outside of the lone troll, Jefferson received a lot of love.

This is yet another example of how easily trolls are defeated. Also, Jefferson IS killing it.

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