Did you know Queen Latifah is actually a rapper?

It's weird when actual musical talents are on Lip Sync Battle. They could just do a set, right? Wouldn't be in the spirit of the game, I guess! Queen Latifah has been doing a lot of acting lately, but her music is great. This week she reminded us all that she was a rapper first–and so was LL Cool J. Her tribute was hilarious, fun and seemed to surprise him with its commitment to period details. Chrissy Teigen even threw this hat on:

Perfect for summer and impromptu rap battles.

I didn't know much about this song, but LL Cool J later sampled "Rock the Bells" for his far more popular "Mama Said Knock You Out," which I have definitely pretended to box to when I am drunk. Listen to it again and get PUMPED.

Sources: Lip Sync Battle on Spike