Parents: If you can't join in your kids' tantrums, you can at least lip sync to them.

One thing that sucks about being an adult is that, when a kid has a tantrum, it's generally frowned upon to have a tantrum back at them (as much as we really, really, really want to). But here's one solution: lip syncing along to your children as they shriek, scream, and yell "no!"

I hope that the next celebrity Lip Sync Battle is just famous people lip syncing to cranky kids. Just try to tell me you wouldn't watch Robert De Niro lip syncing to a kid in the grocery store who wants Flaming Hot Cheetos vs. Amy Adams lip syncing to a kid who really needs to pee but isn't home and is scared of public bathrooms.

Sources: h/t Perez Hilton | Spray Pal