The eyes of a videobomber.

Christina Pascucci, KTLA reporter, was covering the Pride Parade live from West Hollywood. She was happy to report that though there were a few "arrests related to people drinking a little too much," police said there were "no major disturbances." 

That's when a passing drunk decided to cause a major disturbance by jumping into the frame and telling Pascucci she was "so f***ing hot." 

Pascucci responded the way anyone would: by yelling "whoooa!" and then turning around to see who had said that. She immediately apologized and recovered quite nicely, sending it back to the studio as quickly as possible. 

That's where an anchor who has clearly seen it all answered unsmilingly that the guy "might be one of those that's been drinking a little too much." I hope I'm never too jaded to appreciate a good drunken videobomb. 


(by Shira Rachel Danan)

Sources: Tripping Over Funny