Most women will recognize the posture of this smug sculpted mansplainer.

Cathy de la Cruz was walking through campus at the University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio when she came across this incredible piece of public art. She must have wondered if she was looking into a mirror that just shows our most demoralizing experiences. She snapped a pic and labeled the tableau for what it is: mansplaining.

If mansplaining is an unfamiliar concept to you, let ME explain. It's the phenomena of men explaining to women that they're wrong, that they should be smiling in public, that their encounters with street harassment are only misinterpreted friendly exchanges, that no matter how educated and expert a woman is on any subject, they probably still don't know better than the man talking to them. I get mansplained to every day. I can't wait to get mansplained to that mansplaining doesn't exist.

Sources: Cathy de la Cruz | h/t The Daily Dot