Sorry, ladies, he's taken.

If you think your boyfriend is an immature man-child, get a load of this loser.

Xu Qing is a 29-year-old Beijing man who thought he had found the perfect career: sponging off mom and dad. Now his parents have been forced to file a lawsuit against him to get him to get a job and leave home.

It has been seven years since his parents put him through college, but he refuses to do anything but sleep and surf the Internet. When Xu Qing failed to get a job on his own (economy is tough bro, I feel ya), his dad set him up with a cherry gig at a friend's office but he still wouldn't work. Xu Qing quit that job after only 3 months because "it was too boring." He also applied for a couple other jobs but, wouldn't you know it, those happened to be boring too.

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