Lonely Ring seeks loving couple with wacky nicknames for each other. (Via)

Hi. We don't know each other, but are you "Flirfin?" And do you happen to love someone named "Doodle?" Or, conversely, are you the beloved "Doodle" who is lucky enough to have found your "Flirfin" to cherish you and give you the affection necessary to keep you going in this cold, heartless world?

Because someone on the Internet found Flirfin's ring. In a parking lot in Ellsworth, Maine. They shared the above pic on reddit, and it reached the top of the front page after just six hours. The ring's inscription reads, "Flirfin loves Doodle." So redditor TheJawsofIce would like help locating either "Flirfin" or "Doodle" so that the ring might be returned to its rightful finger.

Sources: redditor TheJawsofIce