A couple in Seattle nearly lost a million dollars that they didn't realize was sitting on their dashboard.

You have to buy a ticket—and check it!—to play the game. (via Getty)

A couple in Seattle have cashed in a winning lottery ticket that they had left under a pair of sunglasses in their car.

The unnamed couple bought the lottery ticket back in February, hoping to win the big Powerball jackpot of $350 million. After hearing no one had won the big drawing, the couple left the lotto ticket in their car without checking their numbers. If you match enough numbers, you can still win a tidy little prize.

Instead, the winning ticket sat underneath a pair of sunglasses in the couple's car, until a thief broke in and took just the sunglasses. the couple finally checked the lotto ticket to find out they had been leaving a cool million sitting in the sun on the dashboard.

Sources: Daily News