It doesn't take many words to tell someone they're dumb as hell.

The video cues right before the question is asked, but the whole thing is mildly interesting if you're a film buff, or a big fan of Mad Max, or always wanted to know how tedious film panels can be. Everyone looks pretty bored and not excited to be talking about their movie, which seems weird when being a celebrity or a director or whatever must be the most exciting thing ever, that you've worked super hard to be for your whole life! But I don't know what their truth is.

I do know that some journalist was really trying to stir the pot when he stepped up to the mic. If you haven't heard yet, Mad Max really got some Men Rights Activists all heated up. They expected to go see Mad Max: Fury Road and watch men being men and women being subservient sex prizes awarded to manliest face-puncher. Instead, they saw a lot of women being badass and the eponymous Mad Max being down for the ride. It made their boners sad.

Sources: Festival De Cannes | h/t UpRoxx