I been drinkin'. I been drinkin'. (via CBS New York)

Security camera footage catches a man in Harlem falling over cellar doors directly into a bodega basement.

I'm surprised this hasn't happened to me a million times while texting, but this guy seemingly walks himself directly into the doors without any distraction. In fact, CBS New York reports that eyewitness Jerry Whatts heard people trying to warn the man to no avail. With no cell phone in his hand, it makes a person wonder how he could not have noticed he was about to fall into a cellar. My theories include:

1: He is a blind man that is too proud to use aids like a cane or a dog. 

2: He was too literally obeying the sign above the door that reads "Come back soon!"

3: He was on drugs or alcohol. I'm not a narc or anything but, come on, it was probably this. 

4: He was trying to avoid being trapped in a relationship by a super hot dude, which would make him the second New Yorker to be caught on tape falling down a cellar while avoiding love. 

Unfortunately, the man in Harlem did not land on a cushy staged bed of lettuce, and instead he sustained a head injury. 


(by Myka Fox)

Sources: CBS New York | h/t Gawker