This guy is very confused by the pair of women's underwear he found on the street. I really hope it's all an act.

So little fabric. So much bewilderment. (via YouTube)

I grew concerned for this man as early as his opening line, when he looked at the black thong panties in his hand and said, "Women's underwear. Found them on the sidewalk outside my apartment this morning." I sincerely hope this isn't true, because why on earth did he pick up a pair of women's underwear from the sidewalk? As he confusedly toys with the undergarment, all I could think was, "I hope he took some sanitary precautions before shooting this video."

Maybe he washed them. Maybe he didn't. Either way, his knowledge of women's undergarments is so abysmal that there are only two explanations: a) he's an alien; or b) it's all an act.