At 92 years and 65 days old, Harriette Thompson is now the oldest woman to ever run a marathon (and probably the oldest woman to ever make you feel like a fat slob).

Earlier today, Harritte Thompson of Charlotte, North Carolina, finished her 15th 26.2-mile race by running the Rock n' Roll Marathon in San Diego. That's a big accomplishment on its own, but the 92-year-old also became the oldest woman to ever run a marathon. I, on the other hand, am literally eating blocks of cheese as I write this.

Thompson runs to benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (which she discusses in the video below). One thing she doesn't mention in the video that makes her success today even more incredible is that she had to miss some of her training this year to deal with the loss of her husband — and because she herself was battling cancer and a staph infection in her legs.

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