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16 homeowners reveal the secrets nobody tells you about before buying property.

16 homeowners reveal the secrets nobody tells you about before buying property.


Many of you reading are homeowners, or aspiring homeowners, and that's great! Owning a home can be a huge accomplishment, but what are some of the unwritten rules of home ownership that you only learn AFTER you purchase a home?

These 16 Reddit property owners shared some of their taboo home-owning secrets. If you're looking to purchase a home, you might want to take notes!


Everything the previous owners DIY'd is usually stupid and ridiculous and poorly done. Everything I DIY is great, and the next homeowner will be impressed with the quality of my work. - partytum76


Every project you undertake will require that you uncover at least one additional project that needs to be addressed before the original project can be completed or create a new one by you breaking something while you were working on the original project. -paradescart145


Take water seriously inside and out. That means leaks, roofs, drainage, bad grading, excess humidity in crawl space. If you plan on being there a while bite the bullet and knock it out. - razedbyrobots


Perfect is the enemy of good and that attitude will make you miserable unless you both just love home improvement projects. I hope your husband levels out after the early homeowner sprint! -grumble11


Once you realize how much things cost or how hard they are to DIY, you start to empathize with the last guy. You still hate him, though. - samsquatch


I've left notes in walls and ceilings, including one to that effect-- 'Hey, this drywall ain't perfect but it's a lot better than the mess the prior homeowner left us.' I figure someday someone will open it and be amused.

I've also buried a couple of complete daily newspapers (in plastic bags) inside interior walls or under a cabinet base for someone to find decades down the road. -snowblind


If a fence is in fair to good condition, then your neighbor will claim it belongs to them. If the fence is in major disrepair or has recently fallen, your neighbor will disavow all knowledge of how and when the fence was erected or who owns it. -paradescartar123


My previous homeowner was a drunk. Shoddy would be an upgrade. I'm talking floating sheets of drywall, sheets used as insulation, and old towels used as filler in the soffit vents, after vermin chewed through the screen he originally used. -shoddydad1


Occasionally go through the house and turn off and on a few times those lines that connect the various faucets, toilets, etc. Otherwise when you need to turn them off they might be seized and either outright break or be stuck on no matter how far 'off' you turn them.

Same for the main that is probably buried in dirt because the last home owner didn't check it for 30 years. It's now rusted and seized, GL 😔 -bbqsamich


If you have the money for a project, you will not have the time to get it done. If you have the time, you will not have the money. -wdjm


I have a pregnant wife and our new house that needs work. I can't have her help out due to physical limitations and risk and we can't afford to hire out, so we're stuck In a constant situation of 'what have you been doing all this time?' - maybeimnaked


Most construction-depression (which is a real thing) IMHO, is about the loss of control. The environment is all messed up & the person can't control when it will be fixed & back to how they want it. It never ends. -wdjm


Neighborhood pressures are real and toxic. Whenever one home does some sort of external project like landscaping, you will get some envy and think “man I better do some landscaping too so I also look good”. -tundraking89


I (F32) am the handy one, and my husband is the one who always wants to have it done faster. We are on the tail end of a painful renovation and he is always like “why hasn’t the contractor answered yet?”

Because he has other jobs, bruh. We wait our turn. I love our contractor and feel so bad. My husband is always nice about it but I know the contractor easily reads between the lines. -hashtagblessed


Currently: how much I hate being the f****** handyman in the relationship. Especially at 7 months pregnant. I’m ready to take on the ‘traditional gender norm’ of being the housewife/stay at home mom.

Forget my career ambitions and educational background, capabilities of knowing how to work with my hands, I don’t even care anymore. Troubleshooting a broken washing machine today while my husband watches football and ready to kill somebody. -wormhatforvermat


I f****** hate contractors. Hiring contractors is like playing Russian roulette. The best insurance against hiring bad contractors is due diligence, and practically becoming an expert yourself on the job that you’re hiring someone else to do, and even then you can and will get fucked. It seems like half the contractors out there are ex cons. -throwaway8754

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