Two men who met in one of the UK's toughest prisons have become the first gay couple to be married behind bars.

Not the best wedding photo I've ever seen. (via The Guardian)

This story sounds sweet and inspiring until you hear why these guys are in jail. I'm going to tell the nice part first, and give a warning before I move on. This is a public service, in case anyone reading this is just looking for a pick-me-up this morning.

A year after the UK passed its Equal Marriage Act, two men have become the first same-sex couple in that country's history to be married in prison. Mikhail Gallatinov, 40, and Marc Goodwin, 31, were wed last Firday in a modest ceremony in the maximum security prison's visitor center. Specifically, it was in the children's play area. They read vows they had written, saying they were "soul partners," kissed passionately at the altar, and even had a cake. The guests included a few convict friends, Gallatinov's parents, four guards who had been invited, and six guards on security detail.

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