The inevitable video is finally upon us.

There have always been a great number of things open for debate concerning George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire: Who is Jon Snow's mother? Is Stannis Baratheon actually the reborn incarnation of Azor Ahai? Will Daenerys ever give up being a terrible leader in Essos in order to bloodthirsty warlord in Westeros? Who knows?! Many people have guesses, but nobody knows for sure.

One thing that has never been in dispute, though, is that some Internet person would eventually edit together a bunch of footage from HBO's Game of Thrones and then lay the music from Adult Swim's Too Many Cooks over it. Nobody was ever, ever, ever going to argue against that. I'm not saying you had conscious knowledge of this impending mash-up. What I'm saying is that, if somebody asked you if you thought that the above video would eventually exist, you would have answered "Definitely!"

Sources: Alex Cohen | h/t Uproxx