There but for the grace of God goes anyone who ever pretended to have a girlfriend in Canada.

You have to do a lot to get your sports scandal to overshadow the leadup to Lance Armstrong finally coming clean to Oprah Winfrey, but Notre Dame's star linebacker Manti Te'o has pulled it off. The hysteria in response to Deadspin's reveal that Te'o's girlfriend, who supposedly died just before one of his triumphant wins, was completely made up proves that we are all still living according to the rules established in high school. You can cheat and break the rules and take drugs to enhance your performance, but that's all far less shameful than if you get caught making up a fake girlfriend. Shameful enough to inspire a hot new web trend. In the spirit of Tebowing, Coneing, and longtime favorite ScarlettJohanssoning, say hello to Te'oing.

Sources: Teoing on Tumblr