She reacts with perfect scorn when a reporter asks her a really insignificant question about the making of Cinderella.

This interview clip BEGINS with Cate Blanchett saying, "Let's start over," so that must mean the whole conversation was already off the rails. From what I understand, actors doing the press circuit will stay in one spot as reporters cycle through, hearing the same questions over and over again. That must get frustrating. In this instance, Cate Blanchett seems frustrated by a question she hasn't heard yet, because it's so unbelievably dumb.

No, Mr. Reporter, Cate Blanchett is not an animal trainer. She's an Academy Award winning actress. On a movie set, they delegate responsibilities to the appropriate parties; the actors act, the animal handlers teach cats to walk on a leash. Very cool anecdote that your girlfriend can't train her cat to do what she wants, but not really relevant to Cate Blanchett's performance in Cinderella.

Sources: BuzzFeed