Merry Christmeh! (Via)

Every year, it is the same thing: you get time off from work, only to be forced to put in time-and-a-half at home. How are you supposed to lie with the lambs when you're trapped on the roof, untangling lights? This one goes out to all the people who would rather wrap themselves in a blanket than wrap up a present. This is for all the folks that would rather light up some trees than light up their tree. It's for all the lazy celebrants who have had enough! The ones who say, "all I want for Christmas is to just sit here until New Years." I hear you, people. And I'm with you. In the spirit of peace on earth, I give you 13 great people who have given themselves the greatest gift of all: not giving a f@#k.


As a gift, she got her cousin's used Nintendo DS. (Via)

Just another reminder that it is Christmas every day for cab drivers. (Via)

This is how haunted houses say "I love you." (Via)


Feliz, nothing down! (Via)

This'll make returning it a snap. (Via)

How the Grinch stole my desire to decorate this year. (Via)

Finally, someone remembers the reason for the season. (Via)


It's the thought that doesn't count. (Via)

Rudolph and Spiderman appear in the third testament. (Via)

Might have been easier to just move in. (Via)


That car is HUGE. (Via)

Merry Keg-mas, and a hungover new year! (Via)