Let's hope the kid is not his son. He's really too young to be a father.

This California teen's winning performance of "Billie Jean" at his high school talent show is pretty incredible. But perhaps the most impressive thing about it is that kids are still willing to get up, thrust their pelvises, and take the risk that their peers will find them super lame. 

It's not like in our day when talent show performances were seen one time and then never again. (And thank god—now it's as if stiffly awkward 12-year-old me never got up and sang Green Day's "Time of Your Life" while refusing to do so much as sway from side to side!) Today's teens know everything makes it online, and you have to have some pretty big balls to put yourself out there in front of the most obnoxious bunch of teenagers ever: YouTube commenters. Luckily, this kid is extremely talented. 

Sources: Uproxx