Hooray for improbable survival stories! The North Carolina man was found on the damaged hull of his boat hundreds of miles from the coast.

On the plus side, he got an epic beard out of this. (via @FoxNews)

37-year-old Louis Jordan of South Carolina was discovered on Thursday by a passing German container ship and rescued by a Coast Guard helicopter.

Jordan set out in his boat on January 23 from a South Carolina marina. An inexperienced sailor, Jordan got into trouble during a storm when his boat and electronic equipment were damaged.

He survived at sea by rationing the food and water he had with him, drinking rainwater, and catching fish with a net. He was dehydrated and had a shoulder injury when he was rescued, but did not require medical treatment and was released from Sentara Norfolk General Hospital to his family, who luckily hadn't pulled a Helen Hunt in Cast Away on him.

Sources: AP