We could actually use this if they don't want it. Our thumb drive's birthday's coming up.

To anyone who complains that the art of communication has been destroyed by text slang and the mass migration to the Internet, we'll happily serve you a piece of this cake before shouting "TL;DR." A customer was delightfully surprised when, after turning in a thumb drive containing the desired photo to be put on a cake, the pastry artist — or in this case, "Caketographer" — returned this delicious cake with an image of the thumb drive itself. We say good for the caketographer. What was the real photo? Someone holding a tennis racket in the prime of their life? A loving family portrait? Ew. We'd much prefer a slice of this one. We only wish the caketographer had gone way meta and printed on the cake an image of the customer in the bakery handing over the thumb drive to the caketographer, all of it captured in an aerial surveillance photo at the time of purchase.

Sources: Redditor just_leave_it