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People are comparing the cost of living now to the past, and it's dark.

People are comparing the cost of living now to the past, and it's dark.


As a cost-of-living crisis looms world wide, the United States is not immune to the threat. Global inflation continues to increase, and economists warn of the US falling into a recession. The Federal Reserve raised interest rates (the first time in almost 20 years) which is a common tactic to bring inflation rates down.

Nevertheless, people are worried about how they'll afford their cost of living as Americans are already stretched thin as it is. People even went so far as to compare their cost of living in the past to what it is now to show the stark realities of Americans trying to survive.

1. Going out to eat.

It looks like my fellow millennials will finally be putting the avocado toast down.

2. Snacks

While obviously a joke, food prices have increased so much that some Americans should start growing their own.

3. Homes.

While the user explains that they practice public interest law, have a small family, and are saddled with student debt. They also have a working partner and make significantly more now than 20 years ago and still have a similar standard of living.

Your professors are also not doing well!

$800 a month for a year is $9600.

I never thought I'd say I wish it was 1996 again.

I would've been better off buying a house in 2014 than finishing college.

4. Traveling.

The tourist economy of Time Square is about to suffer.

5. Going outside.

I will be using this excuse to stay home.

6. Water and Electricity

Mad Max looks like it could be our future rather than the dystopian future we imagine for our grandkids.

7. Life.

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