"Yes, I'm Ka-shing. You just asked that. Oh! Yes, I am cashing a check. Ka-ching Ka-shing!" 

Li Ka-shing is 84 years old, oversees 260,000 employees in 52 countries, he made $5.5 billion last year alone, and even after all that, every time he closes a business deal he still makes a cash-register motion and says "Me!" Seriously, he dropped out of high school in a city that was an English colony until 14 years ago, still today dominated by an English and English-educated elite, to become a self-made mega-billionaire. Are we really to believe the fact that his name sounds like money being made wasn't a significant part of how Ka-shing became such a driven businessman? We're pretty sure if we had a last name like "Highrouller" or "Stacksacash" or "McGonnabeabillionaire," we'd be filthy rich by now, too.

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