A photo of the Orvillecopter, a remote controlled helicopter built by Dutch Artist Bart Jansen from the carcass of his dead cat, Orville.

After his cat, Orville, was tragicallly hit by a car, Dutch Artist Bart Jansen turned him into a remote-controlled dead cat helicopter, giving Orville the opportunity in death to gaze upon all those treetops he can no longer climb. So, anyone still think it was a good idea to stop funding NASA space exploration? America is being humiliated by the Dutch in the race to create fully operational furcopters. If we send our troops into war without weaponized housecat choppers, the cuddly gunships that bring the enemy a hissing pounce of death from above, we might as well be sending them to the front lines buck naked. Marvel at the video below, and remember, everyone grieves in his own way, no matter how supremely bizarre that way may be:

Sources: BuzzFeed