Even if your day was already good, watching this video will make it more awesome.

YouTuber Milo the Cat (aka isthishowyougoviral) added to his pantheon of hip-hop/Muppets mashups this week (we've previously featured his "Hip Hop Hooray"/Muppets mashup). Thank you, sir! In the world of Internet mashups, The Muppets are a gift that keeps on giving and Adam Schleichkorn is the master.

This video is perfect for Gonzo, who already has that chicken entourage. He's much more of a showman than Kermit, who is really a traditional late night host, not a flashy star. Plus, he's got a car, shiny outfits and jewelry. He IS teaching me to do the Humpty and I AM doing it, in my office chair, right now.