Straight outta compensation negotiations.

We've known since 1999's Office Space that you can make a pretty gangsta rap video out of some white-collar drones beating a copier with a baseball bat. We've known since the debut of "Wu-Tang Financial" that rappers make great investment advisors, and in the past few years the phrase "Like a boss" has imbued mid-level managers with a level of badassery like never before. Never, however, before this video, has hip-hop so thoroughly and amazingly mixed with the aggressively bland world of stock workplace footage—the kind of clips your company uses with a voiceover to make a cheap instructional video on the new HR regulations. When Peter Greenlees combined that footage with DJ Rashad's She A Go (ft. Spinn & Taso), the result is the kind of intimidating cool the rap game hasn't had in 20 years.

Sources: Peter Greenlees