The strange new music video from Rage Against the Machine bassist Tim Commerford incorporates actual (graphic) footage from his recent spinal surgery.

I know that trailblazer Hilary Duff paved the way for music video/fake reality show hybrids when she went on an allegedly real Tinder date in her recent music video for Sparks. But even for this brave new world we now live in, what you're about to watch is bizarre.

The video is for a song called "Voodoo Juju" by Commerford's band, Future User. The music is interspersed with stilted scenes featuring Rage Against the Machine's guitarist and two members of the band Rush playing Morello's doctors. These moments play sort of like a weird combination of hastily written sketch comedy and a middle school student presentation comparing the American and Canadian healthcare systems, as performed by rock stars. But all this wacky stuff is grounded in shots of a surgeon slicing into Morello's spine, which he says are comprised from real footage of his own operation!

Sources: Mashable