10 famous actors you didn't realize were in 90s music videos.

10 famous actors you didn't realize were in 90s music videos.

A lot of now-famous actors took embarrassing roles early in their careers. These music videos are some of the most embarrassing.


Before they were stars, they were in some really ridiculous music videos. (via YouTube)

Recently, some hero at E! pointed out that Jason Statham danced in a very, very 90s music video early in his career. But the action star/man who is good at dancing in leopard-print underwear is far from the only now-famous actor in a 90s music video. Check out this list of other actors you can see dancing, competing in game shows, and getting shot to the moon to the soundtrack of your favorite (or least favorite) 90s songs.

1. Jason Statham in "Comin' On" by The Shamen

The only way this could look more 90s if Kimmy Gibbler ran in giving a piggyback to Bill Clinton while he played the saxophone.

2. Jill Talley and Tom Kinney in "Tonight, Tonight" by Smashing Pumpkins

Mr. Show cast members and husband-and-wife duo Jill Talley and Tom Kinney play the couple that gets shot to the moon in this Smashing Pumpkins video, which is an homage to the 1902 film A Trip to the Moon. Both are perhaps most famous for voice acting now, especially Tom — he's the voice of Spongebob Squarepants.

3. David Cross, Bob Odenkirk, and John Ennis in "Sugarcube" by Yo La Tengo

Apparently, 90s musicians loved Mr. Show, because the Smashing Pumpkins weren't the only ones to tap cast members for music videos. Bob and David themselves appear in this Yo La Tengo video, along with cast member John Ennis. Bob, of course, currently stars in Better Call Saul, and David played Tobias in Arrested Development.


4. Zooey Deschanel in "She's Got Issues" by The Offspring

Before she was uke-ing and quirking around sitcoms, young Zooey starred as the bright-red-haired crazy lady in this Offspring video.

5. Christina Hendricks in "One-Hit Wonder" by Everclear

Christina Hendricks is the big winner in this Price Is Right-themed Everclear video. One of the things she wins appears to be the band itself, though, which seems like more of a burden than a prize.

6. Eva Mendes, Sean William Scott, and Alexandra Holden in "Hole in My Soul" by Aerosmith

This Weird Science-themed video has a whole slew of stars, plus some ridiculous emotional sing-acting from Mr. Tyler, who begins a very serious relationship with a rock wall at the end of the video.

7. John Malkovich and Hugh Laurie in "Walking on Broken Glass" by Annie Lennox

The video for Annie Lennox's video was based on 18th and 19th century period films, so they used actors who had already performed in period projects — John Malkovich (Dangerous Liaisons) and Hugh Laurie (Blackadder).


8. Angelina Jolie in "Rock n' Roll Dreams Come Through" by Meatloaf

Is your rock n' roll dream to play Lara Croft, Angelina Jolie? JUST KEEP BELIEVING. Rock n' roll will get you there!

9. Sarah Michelle Geller in "Sour Girl" by Stone Temple Pilots

After Buffy had been on air for a couple of years, Sarah Michelle Gellar appeared in this creepy, Teletubbies-influenced Stone Temple Pilots video. When the light comes up near the end, I like to imagine that it's the baby-faced sun just off-screen.

10. Matt LeBlanc and Johnny Depp in Tom Petty's "Into the Great Wide Open"

Depp's the star here, but there's a little LeBlanc cameo at the end. This video is also worth a watch for the giant and somewhat terrifying Tom Petty that looms over his miniature band.