Mary, Mary, quite contrary...and obsolete.

After combing Social Security and other government records (because Social Security didn't exist until 1935), the data visualizers at Abacaba made this fascinating video showing the relative popularity of US girls' names over time. Simply put, except for a Linda hiccup, Mary wipes the floor with every other name for the first 80 years or so. This makes sense given that name's rather prominent role in the country's main religion. Once Mary gives way in the 60s, there's a lot more volatility at the top as pop culture becomes the new focus of worship and source of new names. What do you think of how these names have changed over time? Sure, we're probably better off with fewer Mildreds (if only to savor the uniqueness of each individual Mildred today), but did we ever need so many Madisons?

Sources: Abacaba | Digg