Here are the 20 most common names of kids who behave badly in school.

Here are the 20 most common names of kids who behave badly in school.

Here are the 20 most common names of kids who behave badly in school.

Typical Cameron.
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There's a company called School Stickers that was created as an incentive to reward the best-behaving students with stickers. It's basically a way to try and get kids to stop goofing off by motivating them with prizes. On paper, it's sounds like a pretty harmless way to incentivize learning.

In the process of tracking 58,000 students to find the ones who perform the best, they've also been keeping track of the kids bringing up the rear, who are either lousy students or simply don't care about stickers. Now, they're totally busted because the evil snitches at School Stickers have released a list of the most common names of the best and worst behaving students.

The top ten worst-behaved girls names:

1. Ella
2. Bethany
3. Eleanor
4. Olivia
5. Laura
6. Holly
7. Courtney
8. Amber
9. Caitlin
10. Jade

The top ten worst behaved boys names:

1. Joseph
2. Cameron
3. William
4. Jake
5. Joshua
6. Jamie
7. Lewis
8. Benjamin
9. Ethan
10. Luke

While Jade, Courtney, Jake and Joshua are no shock, you can't help but be disappointed with Eleanor and Benjamin. Goes to show you can't judge a book by it's cover, even when judging kids based on sketchy statistics from a company trying to drum up free publicity for itself.


Regardless, here's the names of the kids who received the the most rewards.

The top ten best-behaved girls names:

1. Amy
2. Georgia
3. Emma
4. Charlotte
5. Grace
6. Sophie
7. Abigail
8. Hannah
9. Emily
10. Alice

The top ten best-behaved boys names:

1. Jacob
2. Daniel
3. Thomas
4. James
5. Adam
6. Harry
7. Samuel
8. Jack
9. Oliver
10. Ryan

Because these lists are made up according to popularity, badly behaved kids who have been blessed with uncommon names really dodged a bullet here. So, congrats to Gunner, Lacey, Rocco and Destiny. You're the real winners!


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