Why does this worm have another entire worm coming out of its face and/or butt?!

一度以為釣到海水布袋蓮,結果這是尛啊!!!!救郎哦~~~~~~(忘了關音樂錄影請見諒視頻由Storyful獨家代理,如需使用請聯繫 To use this video in broadcast or online, please contact

Posted by 簡偉丞 on Monday, June 1, 2015

Fresh off the conveyor belt of your local nightmare factory, here's a worm that exists as a reminder that all horror movie premises originate from real-life experiences. Don't let its fun-in-a-gross-way, neon green, Gak-esque body fool you, this worm's tongue will haunt your thoughts, both asleep and awake.

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