This is how you (ask people politely to more quietly) do it.

"These paper thin walls can be such downers" unless you're an auditory voyeur. Audeur?
(via reddit)

Redditor sarahangeline4u posted this note yesterday, both to share with the world this extremely well-executed example of neighborliness, and also presumably to brag about her great new sex life. Good for you, sarahangeline4u. A lot of people said you'd never get there, but you did. You had sex.

Let's get back to your neighbor, though, and how well they she (let's be honest, "Hey girl" + "you go girl" + nice handwriting = neighbor is a woman) navigated the tricky waters of asking a stranger who lives overhead to have less vigorous coitus. First of all, she expresses support and enthusiasm overall. Secondly, she acknowledges that she's making a big request. Finally, and most importantly, she sets out a specific timeframe in which she would like more quiet. This helps sarahangeline4u plan out her fantastic boning (we get it, jeez, you're getting laid) while making the neighbor's request more reasonable (although 10 is a little early to go to bed in my opinion).

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