Lifehack: Polite notes achieve better overall results than murder.

Imagine that you and your partner are in a very excited sexual phase in your relationship, so much so that you are completely unaware of how much noise you are generating during your somewhat frequent coitus sessions. You can probably guess at how annoying that might be for the neighbor whose bed shares a "very very very extremely so very thin wall" with your own. Now imagine that one day you wake up to find a note from that selfsame neighbor. You might be afraid that it would read somewhat like, "I kill you! Be u more quiet with sex, assheads! Or I call landlord and mayor! Peece!!!" Instead, you find the above extremely nice and throughly understanding note. What do you do?

If you're redditor ribbondino, you write your own very apologetic note "with glitter and stuff" that answers all of her questions and leave it on her door, jokingly telling her "she should have thrown a rock in [the] window for me being an inconsiderate bitch." Then, everyone everyone is happy, and people get the appropriate amount of sleep, and the world is a tiny bit better than it was yesterday. This is actually how society is supposed to work. It's why we did not fall off the Earth along with the Neanderthals (who, by the way, were total assholes about sex noises—look it up).


(by Dennis DiClaudio)

Sources: redditor ribbondino