Yes, sir. You can get a more affluent neighbor and try not spitting on his offspring.

Like the poor and a case of herpes, wi-fi thievery will always be with thee. Everyone falls on hard times and needs a helping hand from willing neighbors or unsuspecting ones without passwords. It's kind of like a global take-a-penny-leave-a-penny that we all take part in. Some bad apples, of course, screw everything up for everyone. The etiquette of stealing internet politely is very delicate, and certainly prohibits asking the cable company to increase the speed (that can cost a lot more per month), and definitely excludes hocking a loogie at a child just because they were streaming "Blue's Clues" and stalling your porn. A word about the typo in the last line, we believe it's actually a phonetically correct representation of how this Liverpool person speeks "ah (I) spat at one of his children (guvnor)."

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