A woman discovered a two-way mirror in the women's room at a bar and the creepy owner says he's keeping it there.

Have you even been afraid someone might bust in while you're in a public restroom? Or worse, are you paranoid you're being watched? Sadly, you're in luck, because this nightmare has come true.

Comedian Tamale Rocks figured out that the large mirror in the women's room at Cigars and Stripes, a bar outside Chicago, is actually a two-way mirror (shudder), and filmed her findings in this video. I can already see SVU working it into an episode.

Jezebel conducted a phone interview the owner of Cigars and Stripes, Ronnie Lottz, and I suggest you read the transcript. He lives up to the awfulness of a man who keeps a two-way mirror in a women's restroom.

Sources: YouTube | Jezebel