Don't have two turtle doves? Go with one bird.
(Sarah Childs via ACLU)

For the second year in a row, Sarah Childs is sending a holiday message to her Louisiana neighbors with Christmas lights shaped like a giant middle finger. Last year she took the same display down after a visit from the local police, but is now back for round two of FU.

Childs says the lights are directed at one of her neighbors, Kayla Weldon, who she's accused of harassing her on Facebook and even cutting down the lights once before. 

The argument between the two began two years ago after Childs accused Weldon of stealing her dog, a claim Weldon denies. Weldon says the beef between the two is long over and the Childs-ish display is just a cry for attention, pointing out that the house is empty since Childs doesn't even live their anymore.

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