Smaug is actually the one behind all the gold commercials on Fox News.

With the Colbert Report's end now depressingly close, Stephen Colbert is getting all the guests he always wished for. On Monday, President Obama not only appeared for an interview, he even sat down and hosted the show for a segment of 'The Word.' But for Colbert, the ultimate Tolkien fan, this guest might have been even more exciting than the Commander-in-Chief. Voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch, the fact that this interview is semi-fictional (uh, spoiler alert?) makes it one of the funniest the show has ever had, with lots of actual, well-written jokes touching on politics, Hollywood, and race (or at least human-dragon) relations. Granted, they kind of smashed the studio a little bit, but hey, they're only using it for another week.

Sources: The Colbert Report