The dark side is so friggin' sweet.

Robert Franzese became an Internet sensation last year when a video from the Allentown Comic-Con surfaced of him doing stand-up comedy while dressed and talking like Family Guy's animated patriarch Peter Griffin. He's got the pants, he's got the glasses, he certainly has the physical je ne sais quoi that Peter requires, but most importantly, he's got a really good lock on that New England voice. (He does have some competition for best Family Guy cosplay ever—namely, the two stuntwomen who crowdfunded a full-length, shot-for-shot reenactment of the famous Chicken Fight). Later in 2014, Franzese traveled to NYC Comic-Con as a newly triumphant hero—getting discounts just for being him, doing guest appearances on nerdy web shows, and most importantly, having a camera crew follow him around and interview him. The result is a really good look inside two worlds you don't get to experience first-hand that often: that of serious cosplayers, and that of people who go viral and then work hard to continue that moment.

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