The Dausage claims to be "the original doughnut-sausage hybrid," leading me to wonder if the creator of the Dausage actually knows what a doughnut is.

Is this picture of a delicious jam-filled sausage, or the dissection of bizarre new thick-skinned worm? I could go either way. (via Dausage)

The Dausage is a new doughnut-sausage hybrid that's trying to get that sweet sweet Kickstarter money. Except that it's not really a doughnut-sausage hybrid. It's a jelly-filled sausage that's wearing the oh-so-clicky marketing mask of a doughnut.

If you think I'm being too harsh on a fad food, let me ask you this: what makes a doughnut a doughnut? I'm pretty sure it's the... well, dough. If being filled with jelly is what made a doughnut a doughnut, anything filled with jelly would be a doughnut. I mean, the sausage filled with jelly wouldn't be a sausage at all by that definition, it would simply be a doughnut. Hell, that hideous breakfast corn dog, the Jimmy Dean Sausage & Pancake on a Stick, is closer to being a doughnut-sausage hybrid than the Dausage is.

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