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10 medical professionals describe worst 'sex accidents' they've treated.

10 medical professionals describe worst 'sex accidents' they've treated.


Here at Someecards, we don't like to kink shame. But that doesn't mean we don't understand that things can go wrong in the bedroom. Sex accidents (sexiddents?) happen, and when they do, it ain't pretty. Hearts aren't the only things that can be broken (looking at you, boners.)

Don't believe me? Ask the people of Reddit. That's what one Reddit user (phoenixreborn75) did when he posted this to the AskReddit page:

Medical staff of Reddit, what is the worst sex accident you have seen on your watch?

People gathered 'round to share the most disastrous sex stories they'd heard, and let me just say...don't try these at home.

1. The Bedtime Story (ForbiddenDonut503)

Former paramedic of many years.

Saw several fractured peni over the years. It was always the same story; skinny man on bottom, bigger girl on top, rough sex. One guy had his scrotum swell to the size of a cantaloupe from bleeding into the scrotal space. There's no "bone" in the penis to break, it's just what we call it, but the spongy tissue has lots of blood vessels.

The other memorable one was a mid-30's woman using a bedpost as a dildo which caused a prolapsed uterus, like 6 inches outside her body. It was distressing for all involved to say the least.

Sources: Reddit
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