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12 people share the safest way to get an adrenaline rush.

12 people share the safest way to get an adrenaline rush.


There's a reason it's called an 'adrenaline high.'

When your adrenaline gets going, it can feel like you're riding on 10, with energy to burst through walls like the Kool-Aid Man or scale buildings like Spiderman.

But not everyone wants to jump out of a plane or get into a high-speed potentially fatal car chase in order to get that natural high.

This is where the internet comes in with creative and amusing alternatives.

In a popular Ask Reddit thread, people shared the safest ways to get an adrenaline rush, and they range from genius to straight-up silly.

1. From mycatisawhore:

Drape a jacket on your vacuum cleaner

Leave vacuum in hallway

Forget about it until you wake up at 3am to pee

Freak out. That sh*t's scary in the dark.

2. From Deadpoodle:

Tilt chair back just a little too far.

3. From Terboh:

Think you're on the last step on a set of stairs, when you're actually on the second to last step.

4. From dirtyrango:

Take your phone out of its case and try to juggle it over the toilet.

5. From LiteralHiggs:

Apply for skilled positions which you have zero skill/knowledge in.

6. From letsturtlebitches:

Make an 'adult' phone call. Like to the bank or dentist or something, not call-girls.

7. From sexualSAVANT:

Go running with toothpaste smeared over your anus for that minty intensity.

8. From QWOPscotch:

Set this as your alarm clock sound and set it to go off at 3am. [WARNING: LOUD AS F*CK]

9. From shakeyjake:

If you are a man go to the cosmetic counter at a nice department store and ask them to give you a makeover because you're dressing in drag later that night. When you're done and still wearing the makeup ask the cosmetic girl for her number.

If you're not socially adventurous then jump off the highest platform at a swimming pool, rent an automatic rifle at the range and blast a few boxes of rounds, bungie jump where there is an inflatable stunt bag below.

10. From Redwantsblue80:

Go to someone's Facebook page who you would never, ever want to know that you were looking at their Facebook page. Choose one point close to the edge on each side of the 'Add Friend' button.

As fast as you can, click those two points with your mouse for two seconds.

11. From nothesharpest:

Walk into your boss' office and call him a f**king cunt. Bonus points if you stand over him and stare into his eye and dare him to make a move or talk.

*note - the rush will come when you leave his office.

12. From CuriousMischief:

Safely...well me and my friend figured out how to trigger an adrenaline rush without having to be in a dire situation. I'm talking heart-pounding, spine-tingling, vision clearing, and then the 'slow-down'.

What you do, is close your eyes, and think back on an event that you know triggered a rush previously.

You remember every detail, every ounce of pain, and the feeling of fight or flight. think to yourself about this over and over until something in your mind (only way I know to describe it) releases, and then everything stops.

Not by choice. You'll have activated your fight-or-flight instinct. Fair warning, I wouldn't do this a whole lot. this can also be called, 'getting into the zone'. Professional fighters and other physical oriented athletes do as well.

Me and my friend figured a way to do it because we wanted to be able to control it, to activate it when we want to, as opposed to activating it out of dire need.

This takes a lot of focus, and a good memory helps.

For an example:

Whenever I want to activate it, I think back on my motorcycle accident, as that is the last time 'Fight or Flight' was activated out of need for me.

I picture the road ahead of me, the truck moving over in front of me and clipping my front tire, then the bike got ripped out from under me. That's where the 'slow down' happened.

Then I imagine the road coming up to meet me impossibly fast. Usually at this point, I'm engrossed in the memory, but my heart (even now thinking about it) speeds up and my blood starts flowing and then I feel the chills running down my spine.

TL;DR Close your eyes and remember a past even that triggered your 'Fight or Flight' instinct.

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