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13 people share stories of their 'craziest' neighbors.

13 people share stories of their 'craziest' neighbors.


If you live in a beautiful, harmonious neighborhood where everyone gets along then consider yourself Mr. Rogers.

Especially in an apartment building, getting along with your neighbors can be difficult. Between thin walls in very old buildings, rearranging furniture at every hour of the day, stomping, banging and loud weekend parties--you can get to know strangers pretty intimately whether you like it or not.

In a suburban neighborhood, interactions with neighbors can include a wave in the car every now and then or a constant string of children's birthday parties, block parties and yard sales you can't really say no to.

So, when a recent Reddit user asked, "Reddit, what is your crazy neighbor story?" people were ready to share their wildest moments.

1. Wow, "mandolinwars"

Neighbour took me to court and tried to sue me for $24,000 because my dog growled at her and caused her emotional distress.

2. Damn, "cpl1."

A bunch of old folks moved out and some new neighbours came in. They met us once to ask permission for barbecuing. That was literally the only time I saw them.

They'd never come out. You'd never see them morning or evening. They were never at the local shops and when they moved in we did they had like 15 mattresses for a 4 bed house which raised some red flags but we didn't think much of it because they were quiet.

Turns out they were running a brothel in there.

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