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13 teachers share times students awkwardly professed their crush.

13 teachers share times students awkwardly professed their crush.


Teaching has many joys.

You can imprint on someone in a positive way that lasts for the rest of their lives. You can cultivate young minds and take inspiration from their fresh eyes and energy. And you can revive your passion for the subjects you teach.

But there are also awkward aspects of the job, like dealing with students flirting or expressing crushes.

In a popular Reddit thread, teachers shared times a student tried to flirt or express a crush.

1. From mindtrapeze:

Female uni teacher here and sharing just a few:

There was one student who would always chat me up at the start of class. One time, he noticed I was drinking a cup of cocoa and proceeded to tell me that he had a some cocoa in his apartment. And then took my cup and drank from it.

Another student came up to me while I was loading my powerpoint and said, 'mindtrapeze, your hair looks different every day.' And I was like 'What?' Then he showed me his phone where he had saved pictures of me while I taught the class.

I asked him why he had so many pics of me and he just shrugged. I asked him to delete them because they were creepy. Dunno if he did. There's also this student who would ask for a kiss pretty much every week.

Once the term was over, he was like, 'last chance, mindtrapeze,' and ofc, I noped out of there. Oh and on my very first year of teaching, one student called me 'love.'

I look pretty young for my age and am very friendly and chill so I'm guessing the students felt they could mess around.

For the most part, it was harmless and I'm pretty sure most of them did it for the grades, thinking they could somehow charm me into giving them bonus points or whatever.

2. From apennyfornonsense:

Male uni professor. It's mostly just giggling Chinese girls and people wanting selfies. They're harmless. I've been asked out a couple of times. It's easy to turn down. I'm absolutely positive that fantasy would be better than reality.

I'm actually a very private person.

3. From shadowfaxbx:

I haven't had students flirt with me since becoming a professor, but I did have a few girls behave flirty with me when I was a TA in grad school.

I was married, and it's generally viewed as unprofessional to form a romantic relationship with students, so I took steps to avoid even the perception that I was reciprocating.

The most notable was a girl who had an obvious crush on me and didn't realize that I was wearing a wedding ring until about three months into the semester.

She asked how long I had been married, and I responded that I had been married for several years. She seemed genuinely crushed and I honestly felt bad for her.

After I became a professor, I did have one student blow a kiss at me at a bar one night during the summer. She was drunk and her friend pulled her away as she was approaching my table.

She took her first class with me later that fall, however, and probably didn't realize I taught at the university, so I would exclude that as a case of a student actually flirting with me.

Also, not me, but I heard rumors of many female professors and TAs receiving semester-end love letters from students. It's apparently quite common.

4. From kjfrog:

Had a student follow me around for a bit saying “Mrs. ——— look I’m your son!” when I was actually pregnant with my son. I taught 7th grade at the time.

5. From Ananechen:

My father (high school teacher) once said, of course it happens, the important part is to never forget that they are children! No matter how mature they seem, they aren’t!

And as an adult in that situation you have to make sure, that they are safe! And not being taken advantage if by someone they look up to!

There was a teacher who started dating a former pupil two or three years after graduation, my dads said they never got rid of the suspicion of something shady going on. It’s too easy to groom a child.

6. From harsha_s_jois:

A bunch of students asked me if I was married. When I said, YES, a group of girls and a boy shouted in unison 'Oh sh*t.'

7. From b0nez_csgo:

I am the student in the story. After finals, there was this finals-party in a local club with like 200 students and like 20 teachers.

After I had a few drinks I was, according to my friends, heavily hitting on my economy teacher while drinking jäger-bombs with her. Don't remember much of it, it was probably embarrassing.

8. From rekniht01:

I have maybe the opposite story. Had a HS teacher that I spent quite a bit of time with after school doing extracurricular activities.

By the end of my senior year, she would regularly make comments about how when I graduated we could do things together, like go to concerts and things.

I even visited her at her house one time. I was pretty naive and never thought much about it until years later. Now it seems a little creepy that she was interested in me that much.

9. From Adijia:

My English teacher of my sophomore year was pretty, in her early 20s at the time and had this very annoying kid who always gave her that creep hug, the one where their hands are a little too low and it lasts too long.

Yeah, he wasn't even in my class but made sure to stop by on the way to his actual class to hug my teacher and talk her ear off every single day. I felt bad for her tbh. On the last day of the school year, I asked her about him.

She told me how much she f*cking hated that kid and the other teachers would text her so she would know when to lock her door when he'd come down the hall because this kid would try to come grope her between every period.

There was also this other young, pretty, female teacher that I remember a lot of people having a crush on. I remember one day I was waiting after school for my mom to pick me up and I saw her walking to her car.

She was being followed by two other students who were bothering her and literally stood behind her car demanding she gives them a hug before she leaves. She had to threaten to call the police to get them to move out of the way.

This was in 2012 and I'm pretty sure these dudes all have sexual assault cases on their records by now.

10. From BrilliantBanjo:

I was complaining about being hot because maintenance hadn't switched the AC from heating to cooling yet. One of my 2nd graders said I looked hot because of all my eye makeup and he smirked.

He is a goofy kid with a silly sense of humor. He is sarcastic and I love it. There is another second grader this year who has transitioned from calling me 'Auntie', then 'Mom', then he said he was in love with me.

I think it is because I am the only positive female he encounters during the day. He is a hot mess and always getting in trouble. His teacher is fed up with him because he annoys her and his mom either doesn't pay him any attention or just yells at him.

I can spend just enough time with him so that I can give him the positive attention he needs, but not so much time that he has a chance to get in trouble.

11. From jacobrice8:

When I was in fourth grade, I had a major crush on the math teacher.

She worked for the humane society, and for my birthday party that year instead of presents my mom asked everyone to bring donations for the humane society so that I could earn major brownie points. I got a kiss on the cheek.

12. From Godredd:

I was one of the students in a class of many kids that ranged from people who already looked like developed beefcakes to scrawny-looking 8-year-olds (me).

The class was notorious for having pretty much anything with a d*ck go from either just noticing this MILF to flat-out making lewd remarks about her to her face.

This class was very brief, not even a full year, but it was something everyone had to take because of our graduation requirements.

We had many students who cycled through in groups because they needed to take the class before taking up their extracurricular. I happened to be in the class the semester the students from one of our sports teams joined.

This was on a part of campus I'd never been to before so the teacher wasn't anyone I'd heard about. She had a reputation, but no one who'd only heard about her really saw her face because she taught the one class.

She was basically the one we all talked about in gym or at lunch each day. She was a Spanish teacher, as in, she didn't teach Spanish, but she was quite the good-looking, well-built Latina for her age.

She was always very professional in class, where she rebuked the boys' advances, but she definitely dressed like women do in school porno skits.

By the end of my junior year, she had f**ked that entire team because, well, they were basically prime cuts and she wasn't going to say no.

13. From avacash:

I teach violin to small children, and once, a student's father got very flirty with me during lessons.

I did not reciprocate, instead addressing the kid at every chance and refusing to be in a room alone with the dad, making very clear my discomfort (and asking the dad on occasion to stop interrupting the lesson).

Eventually, he asked me out, and I told him very shortly that that is unprofessional. He apologized, and the next week, they didn't come back for a lesson.

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