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14 hair stylists and barbers share their worst 'oh no this is bad' moments.

14 hair stylists and barbers share their worst 'oh no this is bad' moments.


If you've never had a haircut that you deeply regret, consider yourself very lucky.

Sure, there's always a risk when you walk into a salon looking for some kind of extreme change to your appearance. If you're going through a breakup, maybe it's not the best time to cut a foot of your hair off, dye it 5 shades darker and get bangs. It's also important to remember that if you go to a salon asking for an extreme change to your cut or color, it's not always the stylist's fault if you hate it.

So, when a reddit user asked the internet, "Barbers and hair stylists of Reddit, what is your oh sh*t, this is bad moment?" stylists everywhere were ready to share their horror stories from the salon chair.

Remember kids: don't dye your hair with Kool-Aid, don't put henna on your hair if you ever want to bleach it or dye it with anything other than henna, and don't lie to your hair stylist about what products and dyes you've used previously...


When I was assisting, I used a code phrase with my boss to have her come check something without freaking the client out.

It was, "do you think we should tone this?"

It's a really common saying in the salon so the clients don't think anything of it, but her and I both knew that if I was asking, it basically was my way of saying, "oh, shit."

One day, I take a client to the bowl to shampoo her and start pulling out her foils.


Her hair was coming out with the foils. Like every piece that was in a foil was disconnecting from her head. I was panicking. So I said it. "Do you think this needs a tone?" And of course, this would be the one time where it didn't click with her and she casually says, "no, it's good."

I'm literally sweating. I don't know shit about hair, but I know it's supposed to stay attached to the head. So I say it again, but more direct. "Hey (boss), are you sure? Do you want to check this? I think it needs a tone." And again she brushed it off. Finally, I was like, "I REALLY THINK SHE NEEDS A TONE." Then the boss took over.

It's been a few years since I assisted, but my old boss still gives that chick free extensions. - Shuriesicle

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