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15 men on dating apps share what 'turns them off' a woman's profile.

15 men on dating apps share what 'turns them off' a woman's profile.


Dating apps aren't for the faint of heart.

When you build a profile on an app, you're signing yourself up for scrutiny and judgment from strangers, awkward conversations, and potential rejection.

While everyone is looking for something different in a fling or romantic partner, there are certain patterns that consistently turn prospective matches off.

In a popular Ask Reddit thread, straight men on dating apps shared what "turns them off" a women's profile.

1. From ChromeSyndkt:

"You better be able to hold a conversation" Then my back hurts as I proceed to carry the whole conversation.

2. From WhoIsPorkChop:

"I'm not on here much, add me on Instagram/Snapchat/TikTok." I'm not here to increase your follower count and I'm not chasing you across platforms.

I'm specifically referring to people who have this as their bio, not asking to move off your dating site of choice after talking to someone for a while.

3. From beansff:

‘Entertain me’ ‘don’t be boring.’

Typically these people are the dullest and most entitled people I’ve ever interacted with.

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