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15 men share things some women do that baffle them.

15 men share things some women do that baffle them.


Gender is just one of many factors that influence someone's habits and personality.

How you're raised, where you live, and the interests you hold will define you more than gender. However, we live in a gendered society, which means people are heavily socialized according to gender.

When generalizations are made about gender, they often refer to behavioral trends due to socialization. These trends don't mean men are innately one way or women are innately another way across the board.

That said, men on a popular Reddit thread shared things some women do that baffle them, and it's fascinating to observe.

1. From theliljwcptdeux:

Talk like we’re sitting in a library and then get mad when I couldn’t hear what you said.

2. From SuvenPan:

How many hair strands they lose per day. It's a lot.

3. From Hayabusa71:

Then they think that 'fight for me' is a valid approach.

4. From Bigsplash1:

When they ask you what we should eat. We name 5 things and they say I’m not in the mood for that. Then why did you ask me in the first place. Also when I ask my girlfriend you pick dinner you can’t make your mind up.

5. From 2HGjudge:

Being mad at me for something 'I' did in your dreams.

6. From _KvotheTheArcane__:

How they stick those clumps of hair to the walls of the shower.

7. From GeroVeritas:

You're allowed to be mad about something without us being mad about it but when we get mad about something you feel the need to also get mad but then direct it towards us.

8. From yakfsh1:

Walk right past the thermostat and then sit down and tell me to go turn up the heat.

9. From vahodi5004:

'What's wrong babe?'


'No really, something is obviously bothering you, just tell me baby.'

'I said nothing...'

Later that night you get a text:

'I can't believe you didn't even try to comfort me tonight. Something was obviously bothering me and you just went on like nothing was up, a**hole. I can't believe you.'

10. From SuvenPan:

Speaking with subtext and implications. Girls think they're being obvious, but it's really difficult picking up on their attempts to communicate.

11. From mlg2433:

Why do y’all share intimate details about our sex life to your friends? It’s strange to us because contrary to what happens in high school movies, guys don’t talk about private bedroom stuff to our buddies. That’s private. We don’t like when y’all do it lol.

12. From Coconut_Salad:

The signs, hints, signals all look like you’re just being nice and want to be friends. I can’t interpret your desires, just tell me.

13. From SilasMarner77:

Acting like you're best friends with someone you hate. It doesn't baffle me (I understand the importance of saving face and keeping people on side) but I do find it quite disingenuous and contemptible.

14. From Mr_Mojo_Risin_83:

What are all the bottles of stuff in the bathroom and all around the shower? Why do you need 300 different potions to clean yourself?

15. From NotATroll_ipromise:

Talking to us while we are clearly not listening because our attention is somewhere else, or have headphones on. Or while we're watching the TV.

Then get mad when we have no idea what you're talking about, once we realize you're trying to speak to us.

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